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Best Verruca Treatment Clinic in Aberdeen

Verrucaes are a virus and thrive in moist, damp environments such as changing room floors, communal shower areas and swimming pools

  • Commonly present on the soles of the feet and the toe area.
  • Are caused by the Humman Papilloma Virus (HPV).
  • Are highly contagious.
  • Can cause extreme discomfort
  • Appearance is that of a small cauliflower type growth with tiny black dots can can appear singly or spread into a cluster of small warts.

Would you like Quick, Easy AND Effective Verruca Treatment?

Look no further than our new Swift® microwave therapy.  Developed in Scotland, we are delighted to offer this gold standard treatment,  next generation verruca treatment. We’ve been using the equipment since 2018. 

swift-img1What is Swift?

Swift is a brand new concept that uses microwave energy to treat verrucae in a very controlled and precise way.  It is the most effective treatment for verrucae on the market.  Treatment takes up to 10 seconds per verruca and there are no anaesthetic or dressings required, which means you can continue your everyday activities immediately.

How does it work?

Microwave energy is delivered directly to the site of the verruca using a hand-held probe. It sends microwaves to a precise and predetermined depth leaving surrounding tissue undamaged. It targets water molecules within the skin, creating heat. This activates an immune response, which destroys the infected cells.

The following treatments carried out by our team include

  • Acid based treatments which are stronger than regular ‘over the counter’ treatments available from local pharmacies.
  • For children less aggressive treatments and advice given.
  • Easy access on bus route
  • On street parking
  • Evening appointments
  • Home visits available
  • Gift vouchers available
  • Wheel chair access

Cancellation Policy - 24 hour cancellation is required or a 50% fee will be charged.