Annual foot health check for diabetes & high risk limbs

Diabetes is a disease which develops from high blood glucose levels (HBGL) which cause nerve damage in you body by stopping important messages getting to the brain.

The nerves most likely to be affected are those that reach your legs and feet, this is called neuroapathy.

HBGL can damage your blood levels and in-turn circulation to your feet and legs due to less blood pumping to your skin, muscles and tissues.

It is recommended that those with diabetes should have regular foot checks.

Our team will carry out a Diabetic foot check with advice on preventing foot problems and managing you diabetes well.

By adopting such measures can prevent or slow down any changes to the nerves and blood vessels that supply your legs and feet.

Simple self help measures include:

  • Healthy life style choices
  • Always check feet daily
  • Always wear footwear
  • Wear apporoiate well fitted footwear
  • Avoid using corn plasters
  • Clean any cuts, scratches or wound with salt water and apply a sterile dressing.
  • Avoid hot water bottles / sitting close to a fire
  • Check bath water with you elbow and not feet.

A podiatrist should be contacted if experiencing the following

  • Tingling sensation of pins and needles
  • Swelling in feet & or unusual odour
  • Part or all of your foot feels unusually hotter or colder
  • Cramp in calves
  • Losing hair on your feet or legs
  • Shiny smooth skin on leg or feet
  • Breaks in the skin /open sores /blisters/ discharge

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